What is Employment Equity?
The Employment Equity Act aims at achieving equality for all staff at a company. It eliminates discrimination of certain staff members, creating a fair and harmonious work place.

How can Prestige Payrolls help your company?
All companies with 50 staff members or more are required to submit an Employment Equity Report to the Department of Labour annually.

Prestige Payrolls creates and submits this report for your company. Throughout the year, we keep track of staff affairs such as disciplinary hearings, training provided, and more, including categorization of staff.

We ensure your Employment Equity Report is 100% accurate and compliant, maintaining your relationship with Labour as well as the harmony between your staff.

What are EMP201 returns?
EMP201’s are employer declarations of staff taxes based on total income. These reconciliations are required, by SARS, to be submitted on a monthly basis in conjunction with the amounts deducted from the staff.

How can Prestige Payrolls help your company?
We ensure that you deduct the correct amount of UIF, PAYE, SDL and ETI from your staff. Additionally, Prestige Payrolls helps your company pay the correct funds over to SARS.

Staff taxes are required to be bi-annually reconciled as per EMP501. Prestige Payrolls is able to complete this process for you, as well as submit IRP5’s to the individuals at your company.

Our services include the secure storage of your EMP201 returns in our archives for 5 years, subsequently maintaining your company’s compliancy in case of a SARS audit.

What are EMP501 reconciliations?
An Employer Reconciliation Declaration is a report stating all your staff members’ earnings. SARS requires companies to submit this declaration bi-annually.

How can Prestige Payrolls help your company?
In order to avoid the pricey administrative penalties SARS has enforced, Prestige Payrolls aids companies in the production and submission of their EMP501 reconciliations.

We ensure that your submissions are submitted to SARS punctually with the addition of your company’s IRP5’s and EMP201’s.

Our services include the secure storage of your EMP501 reconciliations in our archives for 5 years, subsequently maintaining your company’s compliancy in case of a SARS audit.

What is Workman’s Compensation?
The Workman’s Compensation Fund allows workers to claim money from your company’s Compensation Commissioner in case of an injury or disease sustained on duty.

How can Prestige Payrolls help your company?
Prestige Payrolls has, over the years, formed a stable liaison with the following Compensation Commissioners:
• Rand Mutual
When there is an injury on duty, our clients contact us immediately. We provide our client with the correct claim form from their chosen Compensation Commissioner. Prestige Payrolls lodges the claim for our clients as well as provides our clients with a claim number. We also assist with follow-up reports and final medical reports.
Prestige Payrolls accumulates these WCA figures and makes a yearly submission to the specific Compensation Commissioner in order to obtain a letter of good standing for your business.

What is Personal Income Tax?
Tax paid by individuals depending on their income.

How can Prestige Payrolls help you?
Prestige Payrolls guides individuals and companies in calculating the correct tax amounts in order to keep our clients SARS compliant. Furthermore, all personal income tax documentation is securely archived in Prestige Payrolls’ organized filing system for a minimum of 5 years in case of a SARS audit.

When tax year end looms, Prestige Payrolls will register any unregistered staff for tax numbers. We also assist with the submission of income tax returns to SARS and organize payment arrangements when large amounts of funds need to be repaid to SARS by our new clients.

Starting your own business?
We are here to lend a helping hand!

Lesley Fielden, the director of Prestige Payrolls, knows how difficult it can be to take the leap of becoming an entrepreneur. That is why she is offering her guidance to make your business a success.

Prestige Payrolls registers new businesses with the CIPC, PAYE, UIF and WCA. Upon registration with the CIPC, Prestige will provide your company with a CK document and registration number. By putting your company in our hands, we renew your company’s registration annually with the CIPC. Punctuality is key when it comes to the CIPC, as if your company registration is not renewed in time, your company will no longer be compliant and you will not be allowed to trade.